Who is Designer Kevin?

And more importantly, how can he help YOU?

Hello, I’m Kevin Wimmer and I’m a Graphic Designer from the Poconos in Pennsylvania! I specialize in crafting brand identities for small to medium sized businesses!

Examples of My Work

More of my work is available to view here.

Some of My Happy Clients

Graphic Design Statement

I often begin a design with extensive research. I look into the semantics I need to consider when creating something for a specific audience, and what else is out in the market. I create a moodboard or jot down my thoughts, and then move on to sketching. After sketching, I begin creating my designs.

My designs range from fun and colorful to serious and sophisticated, but are always unified by their clean execution. I prefer my designs to have a balance between minimalism and maximalism. They’re not quite empty, but also not overloaded with elements. I’m inspired by Swiss design of the 20th century, and stylistically often use flat design. Consistency is the most important aspect of my design work. When creating a design, I stress to myself that its cohesiveness relies on how clean it appears. I create a sense of cleanliness within my pieces through the thoughtful use of space. How each shape, letter, or any other element interacts with the others shapes my work. I often find myself playing with the concept of negative space and use it in thoughtful ways. 

My passion for design stems from my background in fine art. As a result, I always bring a handcrafted element to my designs. I strive to create designs that are different and unique, yet appropriate. I love crafting visual identities for all kinds of businesses. I’ve created brand identities for bakeries, finance companies, and everything in between!


“After a frustrating search to find a graphic designer to brand my business, I was relieved to find Kevin. He understood the vision that I had for my company, and created a brand that presented it in the best way possible! I couldn’t be happier and strongly recommend him for your graphic design needs— I’ll definitely continue to use his services!”

— Andrew Hodukavich,

Flipper’s Financing

Press and Brand Assets

Thank you for your interest in Designer Kevin! You can download high resolution images of my logos below. There are a few guidelines when using my brand resources, please familiarize yourself with them by downloading my Visual Identity Guide as well.

Logos- 3 Varients

Visual Identity Guide

More About Me

My interest in art began at a very young age, when I would use household materials and art supplies to create crafts. According to my Mom, “there wasn’t enough tape in the world to satisfy [my]  artistic needs! From these basic supplies, I advanced to complicated media such as ceramic and found objects. At Pleasant Valley High School, I was greatly influenced and encouraged by my art teacher, George Boudman, and created a fused glass art portfolio. Upon high school graduation in 2016, I went on to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Art and Design at East Stroudsburg University. 

While in college, I worked at an art studio, Country Home Learning and Art Center, where I learned the skills necessary to instruct art classes to children and adults. I also worked at ESU’s Graphics Center, a full service print and design shop, where my boss, Cindy Vojnovic, mentored me.  As college graduation approached, I started doing graphic design jobs on a freelance basis more regularly, and developed an interest in branding small and medium sized businesses. Upon graduation, I took a temporary position as the supervisor of the Graphics Center, where I was responsible for all operations of the graphics department including supervising graphics center employees, handling client relations, invoicing design jobs, and designing.

When I’m not designing or creating art, I spend my free time writing and producing music, snapping Polaroids, and making fine art.